ROBAM Range Hood – No.1 in Global Sales for 5 Consecutive Years

Recently, according to data from Euromonitor International, a globally authoritative market research organization, from 2015 to 2019, ROBAM range hoods have led the global sales for five consecutive years, further consolidating ROBAM’s foundation for creating a global brand and proving ROBAM’s endless charm with its strength.

Euromonitor International, as one of the top 10 global market research institutions, conducts research and surveys on consumers and industries in 205 countries around the world, and has a high degree of recognition and credibility in the industry.

With the courage to break through, ROBAM range hood has become an industry benchmark

As a global leading brand of high-end kitchen appliances, ROBAM insists on user-orientation and technology-driven innovation. Over the years, it has developed many kitchen appliances that are popular among global consumers, enriching the kitchen life of modern families and leading the new trend of kitchen technology.

Looking back on the development of the brand, every breakthrough of ROBAM records the progress of hard-core technology. In 1998, ROBAM developed the first no-disassembly range hood in the industry. In 2008, it developed the large suction technology – “double-strength core”, laying the foundation for the industry’s technology. In 2012, it launched a “big suction system” with four major standards: “gathering and sucking, powerful filtration, fast discharge, and energy saving”; in 2015, the pioneering “reverse deep suction system” and the subversive product invention – the ROBAM central range hood were launched; in 2017, the world’s pioneering fourth generation of big suction range hood came out, which, with 22 m3/min super suction and twice the industry standard wind pressure of 800Pa, created a new global standard for big suction range hoods; in 2019, the retail volume of ROBAM range hoods won the Guinness World Records, and has maintained the global leading sales for five consecutive years. Through the whole journey, ROBAM range hood not only established a benchmark position in the industry, but also successfully ascend to the forefront of the world.


Create all the good longings of human for kitchen life

Only high-quality kitchen appliances can occupy more market share in the channel layout. By virtue of excellent product quality and brand connotation, ROBAM has obtained the authoritative certification of global No.1 for 5 consecutive years for ROBAM range hood, and proves users’ affection for ROBAM electrical appliance with the sales volume.

User demand drives the development of the kitchen appliance industry and provides innovative inspiration from the supply side for product update iterations. ROBAM always adheres to the driving force with user as the core. With a keen sense of the industry, it constantly taps the needs of users and listens to the voices of users, launching a series of kitchen appliances that are more in line with modern cooking needs, for example, the essential collection with range hood + stove + steamer/oven + dishwasher as the representatives has become a “new favorite” in the consumer market.


Rise by controlling the situation; the future has come. ROBAM will rely on the company’s brand strength that has been accumulated in the kitchen appliance industry for many years, keep on condensing and improving product attributes, continue to explore kitchen appliances that are more in line with consumer needs, improve service quality, lay out the global market, create a well-known ROBAM brand, and create all the good longings of human for kitchen life.


Post time: May-18-2020

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