• Crossover Series Range Hood
  • Crossover Series Range Hood
  • Crossover Series Range Hood
  • Crossover Series Range Hood

Crossover Series Range Hood


  • Dual core absorber 5.0
  • Eiffel tower type structure, guarantee the depth and capacity of cavity
  • 360°tornado powerful suction
  • Intellectually and automatically notice the user for cleaning
  • Non-disassembly and wash free
  • Dual Core Absorber 5.0 System

      • Poor fume extraction during peak cooking hours will lead to fume backflow. Dual Core absorber 5.0 system.360 degree tornado absorption, generating super strong power.Quickly exhaust the fume out of your kitchen.
      • Bring you a fresh kitchen environment with high wind speed.
      • Equipped with four sides fume cleaning technology and dual core absorber 5.0 electric motor.
      • one touch key, only takes 0.9 seconds, absorption increased instantly from 0 to 20m³/min.When you are stir-frying,you can quickly turn on the range hood in to the best working status.
      • Intellectual sensor and control, achieving cleaning life anytime by single touch.A825 combine the performance with intelligent technology,just to invent smart life for you and your families.
  • Filter Net

      • A++ filter net,no need to clean the inner cavity,you just need to clean the oil mesh in the dishwasher or by yourself.
      • Eiffel tower type structure, guarantee the depth and capacity of cavity.So the large volume of smoke can be collected into the range hood and without escaping.
      • 360 degree tornado absorption, matching intensive filter screen design, effectively filtering 91% of heavy oil molecule.You dont’t need to clean or repair the inner cavity.
      • Making ROBAM range hood the only one that owns the technology of “No-disassembly and wash free” inner chamber.It will make your cooking life become more convenient.
  • Intellect

      • 6 grade intellectual timer design, avoid kitchen waiting time, no concern for burning..Besides,it is easy and effortless cleaning.
      • cleaning oil and fume, new kitchen is prepared in less than 20 seconds.(calculation based on kitchen with 6m³ space)
      • Equipped with micro computer system, 24 hours continuously detecting the status of range hood.
      • Immediately activate maintenance notice, user could clean the Range Hood instantly.When you have used the range hood for over 60 hours,it will remind you to clean the oil mesh automatically.

Size Parameter Reviews

Rated voltage 220-240V~ 50Hz
Full pressure efficiency ≥23%
Nominal pressure ≥320Pa
Air flow rate 19m³/min
Rated Main Motor input power 200W
Maximum Static Pressure 430Pa
Rated Whole Machine input power 202W
Max lighting power ≤2W
Grease separation rate ≥91%
Normal Odor Reduction Degree ≥98%
Instantaneous Odor Reduction Degree ≥80%
Noise ≤57dB(A)
Net weight of the host 33kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 895×504×684(mm)

Size Parameter Reviews

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