• Crossover Series Range Hood
  • Crossover Series Range Hood
  • Crossover Series Range Hood
  • Crossover Series Range Hood
  • Crossover Series Range Hood

Crossover Series Range Hood


  • Dual core absorber 3.0
  • 360°tornado powerful suction
  • Intellectually and automatically notice the user for cleaning
  • One button stir-fry
  • Non-disassembly and wash free
  • Diamond Chair Design

    Every Corner Is A Flash Of Life

      The design inspiration is originated from diamond chair which is designed by Italian designer Bertoia.

      Owns more cutting surface and delicate corners, presenting aesthetics and art together.

  • 360 Degree Tornado Absorption, Generating Super Strong Power

      • Dual core absorber 3.0, the wind volume can reach 19m³/min under stir fry mode.There is no smoke or fume escaping.Bring clean and bright environment to you and your families。
      • Brand new generation strong electric motor, strong power to guarantee efficient absorption and emission.The smoke can be quickly collected from 360° all around angle.
      • Round supersonic speed fume channel, no dead end for fume entrance.
      • T shape piloting and denoising panel, effectively reduction of noise.
  • Triple Strong Filtering Systems

      • 1.25X1.25mm diamond-shape filtering screen by integrated stainless technology.
      • 2886 filtering mesh, thorough separation of oil and fume, non-disassembly and wash free.No oil can escape into the cavity, you don’t need to call, after service person to clean it, you just need to clean the outer oil mesh.
      • Plate shape piloting outer screen,26 oil guiding belt, spirally arranged with 33° from above to bottom.The oil can be easily guided into the oil cup,bring more cleaning convenience to you.
      • Smooth guidance of oil from dripping by getting rid of traditional column type guiding screen problems.
      • Free of oil technology, domestic leading nanometer coating, mimicking the self-cleaning effect of lotus leaves.
  • Intellectual Flat Touch Control

    Operate With The Tip Of Your Finger
      • Superior life.
      • Extreme stir fry function can easily handle the problem of excess oil and fume.
      • Automatic hint for oil meshwork cleaning when the oil screen had accumulated excess of oil..After 60 hours using,it will remind us to clean the oil automatically.
      • Sea wave type touching key making the operating much easier

Size Parameter Reviews

Rated voltage 220-240V~ 50Hz
Full pressure efficiency ≥23%
Nominal pressure ≥280Pa
Air flow rate 18m³/min
Maximum static pressure ≥350Pa
Rated input power of the main motor 200W
Rated input power of the hood 204W
Maximum input power of the light ≤4W
Grease separation rate ≥96%
Odor decrease rate (normal) ≥98%
Odor decrease rate (instantaneous) ≥80%
Noise ≤57.5dB
Net weight of the host 26kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 895×504×652(mm)

Size Parameter Reviews

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