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Five rings strong fire.
Flame out protection device.
Removable burners,easy-clean.
Fine copper burner,high temperature resistence.

428 (2)
428 (1)

● Humanized Design Makes Cooking Easier
● 8mm tempered glass integrated for ease of clean
● 8mm tempered glass with explosion-proof, heat resistant, fully-enclosed & humanized flat seamless design, saving time and labor in cleaning.
● Endurance and persistence given by laser zinc alloy knobs
● 4 UFO-shaped zinc alloy knobs, precisely controlled, anti-corrosive, antioxidant and durable.
● Non-slip pan support Fashionable and durable
● All-in-one non-slip cast iron pan support with frosted surface, non-slip for pan, cooking at ease.
● Compact and exquisite look Fulfilling a more beautiful kitchen
● Stylish and compact, saving space and leaving a strong visual aesthetic impression on kitchen with mainstream utensils.
● Heat-resistant nano tempered glass, easy to be cleaned
● Electronic pulse
● Tempered glass
● Five-ring strong fire
● Enjoy delicious moment
● Robam Innovative Gas Hob B428
● Five core strengths Fit for variable cooking
● First-grade protection
● FFD to cut off gas automatically at unexpected flameout
● FFD flameout protection device reacts quickly at accidental flameout, and automatically closes the solenoid valve to cut off gas supply, ensuring your safe use with ease.
● Double care
● Removable burners Square drip plate easy to be cleaned
● Burners are separated from the tempered glass panel, easy for disassembly and cleaning; square drip plate of plane design, easy to clean.
● Triple resistance
● Fine copper burners Antioxidant, anti-corrosive and heat resistant
● Four fine-copper burners, 800°C high-temperature waterborne paint sprayed burner cap, antioxidant, anti-corrosive and heat resistant, full-enclosed and long-lasting.
● Four burners
● Combined fire Fit for cooking variable dishes
● Perfect combination of five-ring and three-ring fire, multi-stage firepower available for precise control at ease. Four burners are provided to meet varied cooking needs from stir-frying, steaming to ● stewing. Big fire for stir-frying, medium fire for delicious curry, and soft fire for slow milk stewing – cook with ease.
● Five-ring flame
● Efficient intensive strong fire For enjoying your fresh and delicious moment
● Innovative trapezoidal five-ring flame design, and two-ring overlaying flame mixed with mid-ring flame, eliminates the “hollow combustion zone” which is commonly present in the center of ordinary burners. 200 densely and precisely embedded burning holes are integrated to generate cohesive and efficient firepower, ensuring pan bottom perfectly matches flame and gets heated more evenly, accelerating your enjoy of fresh and delicious food.
● A quality kitchen A delicious life
● A good gas hob can better serve your appetite
● Robam innovative five-ring fire hob, four burners with efficient intensive strong fire, to meet personalized multi-fire demand in Indian-style kitchen, bringing new appetite experience of diverse cooking!

Size Parameter Reviews

Product size(L X W X H; mm) 600*510*110
Installation size(L X W; mm) 560*480
Rated heat load(kW) 3.8/2.4/1.5/1.5
Rated pressure(Pa) 2800-3000/2000
Net weight(kg) 14.6
Air inlet type L.P.G/N.G
lgnition mode Electronic pulse
Panel Tempered glass

Size Parameter Reviews

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